Advance Praise for Bridges of Love and Understanding:

“I am so thrilled Rebekah Davis wrote this book! It is a much-needed source of encouragement for all Christians to rethink how they view people who don’t believe like they do. I was encouraged, challenged and brought to tears as I read the stories of her experiences which highlight her genuine desire to show the love of Jesus to everyone- especially her Muslim brothers and sisters. She wrestles with important questions of how to engage people of other faiths with the offer of life and hope that Jesus gives. You will be equipped to engage your unbelieving friends with the love of Christ in a relational, authentic way. I truly believe every Christian should read this book!”

-Lane Sebring
Pastor & Author of Preaching Killer Sermons

“Rebekah Davis is a passionate lover of Jesus, ever zealous for helping people in need and sharing the gospel. I am so thrilled that she has written Bridges of Love and Understanding because she is truly an authority; she lives and breathes this stuff! Her book is packed with real-life conversations, as well as wonderful theology and principles on how to deeply love and engage with people of other faiths. I guarantee your heart will be opened in new ways, not just to Muslims, but anyone outside of Christianity.  However, you will find that they are not outside of
God’s love and reach even before you get to them; the Holy Spirit is already working! No more ‘us and them’ mentality, but instead, building bridges of love and listening to win them over to our beloved Christ!”

-Katie Luce
Co-founder of Jesus Global Youth Day
Leadership and life-purpose coach

“Listening like Jesus is the key to conversing like Jesus.  The author shows
how that is done with people who have traditionally not seen Jesus followers representing Him in this critical and life-changing manner.  As a student and teacher of life-changing conversations for over 25 years, my former student and author has applied this principle with excellence in this read.”
-Dr. Joseph Umidi
ECP Regent University
Founder, Lifeforming Leadership Coaching

“As a sojourner living in an Islamic culture, Davis often begins conversations with physicians, students, and taxi drivers by asking: ‘What do you love about God?’—a question that many Muslims answer with an enthusiasm and passion that might surprise us. In recounting such fascinating encounters and the relationships that often follow, Davis invites Christian readers to ask: what shall we make of those who are in the ‘wrong religion’ but have ‘the right kind of faith?'”
“Bold, engaging, discerning, scripturally informed, and eminently practical, her book is candid, disarming, and a delight to read—and reread. Davis offers us a refreshing alternative to agenda-laden apologetics. She offers us, instead, a guide and testimony revealing how to walk in step with the Spirit Who moves upon all flesh to draw all persons to Christ and to one another.”
-Skip Horton-Parker, PhD
London School of Theology; St Leo University

Bridges of Love and Understanding is a much-needed resource when evangelism and apologetics can often seem to be the realm of the highly educated, charismatic, and unfortunately argumentative. Rebekah shares stories of everyday life and how she interacts with others of different faiths, particularly Muslims, and in the manner of Paul in Acts 17 pointing to the unknown god finds the points where relational bridges can be built. Rebekah’s love for the gospel and for people flows through the book and challenges the idea that doctrine must be understood before Jesus can be known. Rebekah continually reminds the reader of common ground between Christians and Muslims and the ease at which conversations can take place without needing seminary or degrees in apologetics. Loving Jesus, loving the Bible and loving people is enough and Rebekah shows how all three can work together in sharing faith in a natural way.”

-Phil Duncalfe
Pastor and creator of Critical Witness and The Hell Project on YouTube

Bridges of Love and Understanding turns the debate between Christianity and Islam on its head. Rather than a battle between religions, you can experience the joy and adventure of discovering how God is already at work in the lives of people around the world. Five stars, two enthusiastic thumbs up, a must read!”

-Paul Leonard
Pastor of Açık Kapı Church

“Rebekah Davis inspires us to be more like Jesus and see beyond the natural into the Spirit realm of the lives of those of a different culture. She invites us into the world of Muslim majority people and challenges us in our western thinking. Bridges of Love and Understanding coaches us to be able to understand our Muslim brothers and sisters in genuine love and admiration. This book will shift your thinking and create a hunger to see how God can use you to not only change the world, but to be changed by God’s working in the world!”

-Gail Hawkins
Co-pastor of New Life City Church, Albuquerque